Setting up beta4 dotnet runtime on your machine

UPDATE!! 2/8/2015

The kre home is being renamed again. I will update these posts that referred to the new .dotnet home for runtime as that appears to be going away.



If you blinked, the nightly ASP.NET builds have progressed to beta4.



And look at the new name of the CoreCLR runtime package, dotnet-coreclr-win-x64 (or dotnet-coreclr-win-x86).

Let’s see how to install the dotnet CoreCLR beta4 runtime, (spoiler alert!!) and where it gets installed.

I created a directory called C:\dotnetsdk on my machine. Then downloaded the PowerShell script dotnetsdk.ps1 from github’s aspnet/dotnetsdk dev branch.




I immediately put this script to use.

Note in PowerShell you may have to set your execution policy as shown.


Now you can run the script. Here is the help screen.


I quickly did an install like this. It shows I ran once already and have the latest.



Going to my new dotnet runtime folder I find. Notice its a new directory named .dotnet!



It just gets better so stay tuned.