Updating Visual Studio 2015 CTP to the latest code bits – Part 1

A new release of Visual Studio 2015 is out, dubbed “CTP”. Let’s see if we can update to latest code in nightly dev build and runtime for our ASP.NET projects. Refer to the prior post Updating Visual Studio 2015 Preview to the latest code bits to see every step in case I skip some.




First it looks like the programmers at MSFT have redacted the rc1 and branded it beta3, so beta3 are now the latest bits found in the nightly build. According to the web site we should be able to pull down “KRE-CoreCLR-x86”: “” . I hope this doesn’t mean dates are slipping too much.



Don’t forget to update the new VS2015 with dev package source entry.



Ok, looks like I’m able to pull the latest build down of the CoreCLR-x86 runtime.




And in the dot kpm folder it’s obvious the rc1 got re-branded as beta3 with the numbering continuing on.




If you haven’t done this in a little while you will notice that native images get complied when you run the install.



You can see the native images in the bin directory and they have the current date.


Interesting the the System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel.ni.dll is larger than the regular assembly. It must pull in extra OS stuff needed.

I can finally select beta3 runtime version for my project.



In part 2 we’ll get the ASP.NET 5 Starter app complied with the nightly package builds.

Stay tuned!